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     It was late June and I was walking around my neighborhood asking for house and pet sitting jobs while people went on vacation. I was planning on buying a car at the end of the summer and besides my job at a local drug store, I needed more money.  Teen Girls Sex Pics.

It was really hot and I could feel myself lightly glazed with sweat as I walked up the street in my cut-off shorts and my white tank top. I went to each house but I wasn't having much luck until I knocked on James Hudson's door. James was a good looking man in his late thirties. He came to the door.  Nude Teen Girls Sex Pics.

"Hey Elaine, what do you need?" I saw him staring down at my breasts and I was strangely flattered that he was. Nude Teen Girls Sex Pics.

"Actually I need a job, I was wondering if you are going on a trip soon and would need some one to water your lawn or any other odd jobs." Nude Teen Girls Sex Pics.

"hmmm well im not going away but I do work a lot, so my dog could use some attention during the day and my yard does need help."  Teen Girls Sex Pics.

"oh that would be great!" I said a little to quickly. Nude Teen Girls Sex Pics.

He looked me up and down again and smiled. "Why don't you come in so I can show you where every thing for Rex is?" I agreed and walked inside. His house was extremely well kept and I could tell he made a lot of money.  Teen Girls Sex Pics.

"You have a nice house."

"Thanks," he said he turned to me and he looked at me strangely.

"Have you ever kissed a guy before Elaine?"

This was a really strange question but of course I had so I said yes. He didn't look surprised and I was about to ask why he asked when he asked "Have you ever been fucked?" Nude Teen Girls Sex Pics.

Wow, who did this guy think he was? I was acting totally outraged but actually I was totally turned on by the way he said it and the way he was looking at me.  Teen Girls Sex Pics.

"No," I said as if offended

"Well have you ever wanted to?"

This is a really hard question for a girl to answer because girls are supposed to hate sex unless they're sluts but I loved the thought of it. I had been thinking lately about what an orgasm was really like since I had never been able to give myself one with just my fingers. As I stood there stunned he walked behind me and put his hand on my stomach. He whispered into my ear "I saw you last night, trying to get yourself off on your bed, you didn't close the blinds." Nude Teen Girls Sex Pics.

I thought of last night, in fact I was masturbating on my bed but I hadn't realized...

"You horny little slut, all you can think about is sex and you're a virgin."

His words hit my ears and sent me in a dizzy spell, I was overcome by how much he knew and I was turned on too! I could feel my panties getting wet and my shorts were warm. James turned me around and kissed me as I just started getting into it and massaging his tongue with mine he started pulling on my tank top. I stopped him, "but you're so much older than me, Mr. Hudson" I said between my heavy breathing. Nude Teen Girls Sex Pics.

"You know you want me to fuck you Elaine, you've wanted it for awhile now...you need money too."

By this time I was so wet that he didn't have to coax me into anything I was ready to give myself to him. I could feel the bulge in his pants nudging against my hips as he struggled with my bra. I couldn't believe this, a man as old as my father was about to fuck my virgin pussy. He got my bra off and my breasts bounced free.  Teen Girls Sex Pics. He moaned a little at the site of my firm c cup perky breasts offering themselves to his face and then he started squeezing my breasts........



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